We’re thrilled!
American Express has acquired Mezi
We founded Mezi with a simple goal: to be a personal travel assistant in your pocket that brings superior service and unparalleled delight to the travel industry. Joining American Express allows us to accelerate this process and make Mezi available to all the world's travelers.
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AI for Travel

Mezi is your Personal Travel Assistant.
The more you go, the better it gets.
Mezi for iPhoneMezi for Android

With our mobile always approach, customer-first innovation, advanced AI and machine learning, Mezi brings superior service and delight to the industry so corporate travel doesn't feel like work.

Mezi's AI-powered travel-as-a-service solution includes

AI-Powered Chatbots

Capable of automating more than 60 percent of the conversations initiated by travelers across travel verticals like flights, hotels and dining.

Travel Dashboard

Puts the power of AI-assistance in the hands of travel agents, allowing for faster response times to client requests through automation.

Dynamic Traveler Profiles 

Keeps living profiles on each traveler which are automatically updated based on actual user behavior, allowing agents to offer a more personalized service with every conversation.

White Label Capabilities

Allows Mezi for Business partners to add a personal touch to the Mezi experience, deepening their relationships with and providing superior service to travelers.

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Mezi for iPhoneMezi for Android


More than 60% of all flight requests are served by Mezi chatbots. We have partnerships with Sabre and Priceline to provide an end-to-end flight booking experience.


Mezi chatbots search across a million hotels worldwide to find the right accommodations for every traveler. Our partners include Sabre, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Priceline.


Mezi provides a unique dining reservation experience through our integrations with Yelp and OpenTable.

Testimonials about Mezi

"Best app ever! I travel for business constantly and it took away the headache of searching for flights and hotels"
Sam G.
"This App rocks. I've used it in London, Las Vegas and Napa. I booked hotels, nightclubs and restaurants at my fingertips. Great recommendations and speedy service. Can't wait to use this again! Mezi is delivering next level service."
Koren L.
"Easy, enjoyable and 5-star. Mezi made planning multiple trips easy and quick. I was hoping I had an assistant to help make all of my travel arrangements, then I discovered Mezi. Hope became reality!"
Craig O.
"I don't know if I'm working with a chatbot, a person, or a combo, but Mezi works! Twice already I've booked hard-to-get concert tickets (secondary market) quickly including receiving seat maps, price options, and getting questions answered."
Elaine G,
"They got a non-refundable 3 days in a hotel refunded. Mezi, you earned my business."
Clark M.
"Being a travel guru, and knowing all the travel tricks, I finally found something that finds the deals I find, and saves me a TON of time! What a great service! Everyone should have MEZI!"
Kim J.

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